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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 21, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: rekindles we're fought when you consider the video on a screen a did a car accident and oakland this video from the scene and see the car completely split in half this happened about 11 unless night near high street offer still on the scene this morning right now is not clear how many people in the car look at the damage done were working together more the to us will bring you those assumed the become available
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>>anny hong: here is a live look at the bay bridge this morning clear to part because the conditions out there that fog is not a concern with could see some areas of fog developing. >>anny hong: checking up the street to cast for you and see by my this morning still does some high clouds out their overall and is looking pretty good record p.m. still looking a dry conditions in not looking at brain clay get the rain will wife letters starting in the north and in protest of its 7:00 let some light rain to law rent- a-center rose of member essentially for parts of the coast here toward iran was is a
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light rain come across the bay area otherwise would get more rain would have widespread like early friday morning friday at 4:00 in the morning this what it looks like at 6:00 tomorrow morning to hold onto what conditions in the truck tomorrow commit to more to our morning will be what one again issue different equivalence system another stumbling this way ride into saturday. >>anny hong: milder conditions will keep some of these numbers mid-60's for the morning 66 in pleasanton 68 in fremont if you're in the south bend some locations could get close to seven it will be a pretty nice day and again you want to run the umbrella definitely for
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later on tonight again attracting some evening bring to nine starting in the northern and tomorrow morning rennin and also when the and it will pick up for friday and into saturday and saturday and looks pretty stormy the question this is the entire we can wash away edge of that coming up a little bit later. >>robin winston: if so it is looking good the ride here approach in the toll plaza is wide open delay free we're hot spot freedom of the problems right now in this the commit westbound 80 looks good 10 minutes from the oakland a's to downtown san francisco that is a the time will start to back up 92 the san mateo bridge that is also checking in trouble-free
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lasted 15 minutes for a total ride a 80 in 101 maybe you're heading of to the golden gate bridge this morning if so you're after limit in both directions it is clear on the oriole park presidio richardson and come from the north bay very quiet right now is the 16 minute trip from high with 37 and novato in the toll plaza into san francisco side. >>james: protesters and police coming face-to-face in san francisco members of the public clashing with officers at the meeting of the san francisco police commission that demanded justice oriole was is the 26 your man who shot and killed by police while holding a knife would at last night's meeting and shows how the conversation unfolded. >>phillipe djegal: it did not take long for the tempers to flare and the salvation army no
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violence before still shouting police chief greg stewart said quietly what the public, portions of the san francisco police commission meeting escalates into a yelling match in the show of solidarity five officers involved in the deadly december also involve shooting a 26 you're mario woods all recently returned to work cops should stories about the the things they do into the community in particular the bayview district where he was our love of my when officers opened fire was killed.
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>>phillipe djegal: they're drawn the first few speeches out boost in calls to the resignation or firing of chief sir after just a few speakers most members in the sack and cisco police officers in attendance walk out >>james: a man's body was discovered near the bottom of a cliff and happen near double slide when a hiker saw the body and reported is still unclear how the victim fell down the cliff the victim was not yet
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identified investigation is ongoing the search for missing surfer will resume later on this morning that such ephors were called last night because of the darkness. >>james: they're also investigating the driver who did admit to being to women on the
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bus died in the crash the third woman suffered major injuries family members of mourning the death of maria de has to sorties and less into was killed in that bus crashed the 76 your was taken to a trip to tijuana and was run the bus back to her home in salinas when it happened. >>james: family members said they tried talking to greyhound about the incident of the calls have not been returned she leaves behind six children the other person killed was san francisco resident new
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legislation increase safety inspections on tour buses. >>james: only from 30% our bosses are inspected friends and family will want the search to resume there was what got to say monday and they plan to rock and a large wave knocked down into the water the coast guard officers onto the however family
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said the search was called off too soon in a vigil was held at the parking light yesterday family and friends plan to walk along the shore to look for any signs. >>james: it would allow by sinister role to stop signs when the bicyclist said was sent to do so some supervisors did oppose the measures and they did not have the vote to override the veto the time now is for 10 will become back we're less the three swim from the super bowl would say how the nfl is mecca sure will be an experience you never forget what could be a
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record-breaking storm headed to parts of the east coast will somehow people are preparing for what could be the worst on the sea there in that case here is a lot of the outside back in the area much milder will enjoy a fairly calm day before the rain arrives later on tonight san jose 52 degrees expected to warm up to the mid-60s little on this afternoon will get another of the of weather and traffic in just a couple of minutes
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>>reporter: the enormous system follows severe weather or
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islamic commuters from tennessee to the nation's capital even president obama had to fight traffic after what the conditions that more rain one grounded it is nothing compared to the frigid blast friday it appears to be the target with washington and is the bull's- eye with the conditions expected and predictions of will to 30 in. of snow it could set records likely dwarfing and perhaps even surpassing the devastated and deadly knickerbockers storm.
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>>anny hong: she right now is the calm before the storm would you concede the snow as what to parcel the midwest and st. louis we do have to the d.c. area blizzard watches and affect starting tomorrow and into the
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weekend where talking of to 2 ft. of snow you will encounter some arsenal answer my potential for an atlanta-47 chicago pulled 27 degrees over in the west coast and looks pretty good 67 temperature is right now for this and 50s across the board nothing to chilly but we are going to see some more rain had this way.
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>>anny hong: we are going to see some sign of approaching santa rosa area as early as 7 most of the rain was start to fall late and ted are men that you can see more ran out that in the north bay and also for part of redwood city we also tracking snow once again for the sierra not today but if tomorrow morning we're heading out you will encounter some small do- chilly bring the change will to store large goes into effect early tomorrow morning if the as
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of friday after no one to fit 55 and 53 ft. professionally at the peak so watch out for moderate to heavy snow and wind >>robin winston: so far the connection onto the peninsula in foster city and san mateo is looking good so far no major problems for the poor and to love traffic is light so far heading into and out of san francisco if we have not had any major problems or hot spots and a month before san francisco
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>>james: it could cost nearly a billion and have to fix the problem text was for the water the highly corrosive and full of lead about most in the track where he talked with the city's top concern celebrities are
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stepping up to help the city the big game will be here in less than three weeks with all eyes on the bay area as a sort of principle 50 the house committee has been hard at work with a shrug experience goes well beyond game than >>reporter: for the last two have yet the committee have been planning a with the festivities that complements the enormity of superable 50 if we prepare to take in san francisco in a way never seen before after raw you
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only turned 51 this starting from january 30th up to game the market street is transformed into superable sitting just assure commit away check out the nfl experience at the moscow center that is like an nfl passing car the snap off a bottle with the vince lombardi trophy the event also runs from the to added to suppose some of
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the tickets range from 25 to $35 there were the events happening throughout the bay area including open mat with both supply both teams asap scenting more on the forecast and the commute coming up in just a few.
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>>reporter: the few days ago and she said she lives in fear when she worked on chelsea lately and helter-skelter she responded this she would never say anything to my face and " nauseous to be released caird the more of the store do not pick a fight with chelsea handler.
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they will have to wait just a touch long of the next film businesses that were not released in december. of december >>james: they did not give any reason for the postponement the council were still on the force awakens in the eyes bulging was filmed all time it is made more
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than a hundred $60 million at the box office.
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>>james: will get an update from her in a live report, the next hour. >>james: it would missing 5:00 last night with the senses of the surfer and try to pull and
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sure the big wave wrapped in a pulled right back out to sea this find what the weather have in store for us today >>anny hong: to the sea clear from the most part out to little more oakland also in the north than will let you know of any fog develops cash for the afternoon today things are looking pretty nice you consider
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an approaching for part of the east of a redwood city may also getting close to the san jose area still looking at what conditions and then we'll see more widespread rent early tomorrow morning and 4:00 expecting with roche by than and as i was the butt for the entire commute.
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>>anny hong: we're talking one to feed about 5500 p feet, your death we going to want to carry the storm weather on the way starting later on tonight into friday another storm had as far away for friday and into saturday.
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>>robin winston: copley was that way if you have to use it to him in san leandro
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>>james: he is showing as the video and talk to police was that they are concerned about the increase in this type of crime >>jeff bush: for young man casually walked into the store in the stone ridge mall last the debt on 745 their pets to be brought in the merchandise their concern because of the full nature of the crime the robbers
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are part of a larger crime operation and said that the electronics arson and private places that one of the suspect before someone gets hurt police said they're concerned about the brazen nature of this robbery dispenser because it happen inside the mall this in an uptick of this type robbery in the bay area. >>james: this is video from the scene while the investigation was underway on wednesday they ruled parents could proceed with the wrong for that claim against the deputy in the counting mean
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loss of orders been accused of causing an avalanche of the sugar bowl ski resort to another slow border could face criminal charges the resources and all the evidence have to go into a closed off area because investors in a slow border post of video online showing the incident and released the claimed he was trespassing in that area that has not been open to the public in five years and that he but doing so proud of is the best this year at less senses layers of heavy snow are weighing down on the snowpack that has already been weakened.
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>>james: a live look outside the drive start to this the tomorrow all that is one to change 24 hours from now more on the forecast coming up.
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>>vicki liviakis: this is not
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just tell the closing their weapon of the official dish for the 49-for the taste of the nfl 25th anniversary tech offer originally by this guy the size
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hobnobbing with football and nibbling all some great food you're also heating the bay area's country all money raised goes to the food bank in st. anthony's dining room that is raising a glass to. >>james: there's still time to grab a ticket over the storm come to bay area metering of this back with a look when you might expect next batch of rent of the here and just a couple of minutes is a lively outside the center airburst hammer and san jose 52 expected to warm up to 66 degrees.
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>>james: hear some of the stories we're working on for you for the upcoming hour at 5:00 a.m. with attracting a mass of one to storm moving toward the east coast team covers watching the storm this is how and at the travel plans weren't counting down to the super bowl for looking for what to watch the game tax preparers can really help for the tax season >>james: there and kick the wreckage of the average temperatures for the last 136 years if they said last year was more than 20% warmer than 24 team is in the record-breaking weather was in part on the
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strong as an annual on record-- el nino >>anny hong: and a slap we have a couple of storm headed this way we are working to cloud the conditions out there but no- fault quite yet we could see some areas of fog developing work item visibility this morning the school for past kids heading out to the bus stop this morning we're looking at cool conditions temperatures are going to be in the 40's but if the clock on the part because the conditions may be some here is a fall by lunchtime and you're heading out for recess things look pretty great dry conditions in temperature topping out into the mid to upper 60s for some location by
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3:00 p.m. look for mild conditions especially in the south of and some places and it close to even 70 degrees today. >>anny hong: weather to get dry conditions out there and that will stay for the rest in the next hour as will see more widespread rain or early tomorrow morning at 4:00 here is what looks like will have widespread ran all across the bay area most of which should be
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lively concede some pockets of moderate rain falling during the morning to you tomorrow. >>anny hong: 12 is for north to bay and san francisco may be off to an inch of rain east bay south and looking at three- quarters of an inch santa cruz mountain probably to 3 in. by the weekend highs for today and mild conditions it looks like fremont getting to 68 degrees today a nice day for you 67 in san jose man six is in the more 65 open 63 as san francisco and 64 for our friends and the month including santa rosa and out the storm track to 7 day around the bay forecast the meeting umbrella will be out late tonight for friday and saturday and and is also palfrey a sadder
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but the good news is in the entire weekend in the slack in the chest a lot of doors the drive pattern sunday in texas until monday tuesday wednesday and partly cloudy conditions. >>robin winston: that is all the way if you're about to head in down you can be thrust within the next 45 minutes is one to start backing up we guarantee in it is wide open at the toll plazas move through the maze move across the bridge out to the westbound skyway there was a
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spinoff of by the crash and with only to land the right lanes blocked by this crash given one line open and just a minor slow down the up on 17 approaching some wrote the drive times not that two to three minutes from the summit to connect with the 28080 split in san jose. >>james: bartizan the are saying they will install security cameras on all bart trains this announcement comes a week and half at a teenager shot and killed during investigation the past police and some of the camera on the trains would be coy. >>j.r. stone: you don't have to go far to signal a surveillance camera but when it comes to cameras on the train some work and some dome representatives
4:51 am
announced that will change the west oakland it should and savannas and medusan suspects shot on station cameras have been released but that is all the official also confirmed the some of the cameras on board trains are decoys and do not work there still working out the
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calls and timetable for the projects. >>james: a landmark for women in professional sports in the first for the national football league that hired the stress and a full-time special teams coach should the forceful typey losses to close in the history of the nfl another game on the block for the warriors.
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>>james: use a live look outside the toll plaza, an oakland as you approached the toll plaza of so far made the problems we also have what went on right we should get the motion today describe what talk about on the rain will wide coming.
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>>james: some kids and one must consider can give the insurance is no man warm huggers ruling the family built on 13th but will allow for a father and a daughter made addition to build giant snowman and this year they wanted to top off and build a giant snowman a big brick kennels real follower out of the east bank a did a car accident
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here to live look at the bay bridge approach that would just --back with more.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay
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area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>james: you can see a lot of activity heading in this direction no rainfall across the bay was practiced that away most of the afternoon into this evening in the late tonight will have this round what would begin to impact us that will last through friday another system fared and into saturday a lot to talk about and a full check of the forecast and 15 minutes to run for that as to what you need to know it is drive the fog not as big a factor of the golden gate bridge as a was yesterday morning sphere with onto warmer
5:01 am
to the upper 50s a '60s and then by 3:00 this afternoon and maybe a little bit when the we were yesterday to the '60s for some again was in the sun breaks and then the clouds roll and and then the rain arrived late tonight and will talk about the and 42 coming up in about 15 minutes. >>robin winston: is going to the backing of the toll plaza if you leave now you can beat the 530 rush think ahead of all the heavy traffic
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>>mark: a deadly accident oakland at 11th and last home park avenue and active seen this morning. >>reporter: you to still seeing the car is completely ripped apart their several pieces strewn along but it could have a take a look of some of the video that we have the got the first call at around 1130 last night when they got here they found one man dead the driver of that vehicle a passenger miraculously walk away without any injuries he did not move to allow camera but he was in the car when his friend a 21 year-old jimmy of ground lost control of the vehicle and was ejected from the vehicle police said the victim was traveling at a very high
5:03 am
rate of speed down the street before he hit a tree in the car kept rolling fallen apart along the way police are still investigating the cause of this crash you concede that there's so many pieces that are still here along 35th avenue they're on sure what exactly caused the crash of the bank wanted the best.
5:04 am
>>darya: tense moments as protesters and police come face- to-face and san francisco the protesters were demanding justice for more workers at the san francisco police the power commission meeting last night he is a 26 year-old black man who was shot and killed by police last month while he was holding a knife the police department is making changes and used in for training they get to talk about how their job is to protect the city of san francisco at times the police commission, shut down the meeting because the power rotted the things had gotten after a few officers spoke most members of the symptoms as all police officers association walked out of that meeting. >>mark: investing is to try to identify a man whose body was found in the bottom of the cliff agree will call off the bottles founded like a spot the practice before 4:00 yesterday samoset condition of deputy in the cab
5:05 am
fire responded the heck about hundred 50 down the cliff with the announced and is still unclear the victim fell down the cliff or was hiking in the area where he was found. >>darya: these to climb to rock area where a large wave knocked into the water the coast guard called off to search on tuesday and a member say that was to some of vigil was held the
5:06 am
parking lot guest to the low one plan to walk along the shore during a low tide to look for the students. >>mark: and the to the bus yesterday to see the mechanical failure may be to blame them onto the road and see if the stormy weather conditions played a role investigators also talk to the driver who admitted he was the teeth before the crash to women were killed in the crash a third woman suffered. major suffered >>mark: 76 your had taken the trip to teel, and was riding the bus back a home salina's on the crash happened and a member say
5:07 am
they tried talk to greyhound to get more information about the accident but the cost of not been returned the last she leaves behind six children of the victim lived in san francisco tour bus in san francisco could soon have to go the more inspections come after two recent crashes involve a tour buses. >>darya: that created a bill that will allow the city of the tech on inspection are not only about 30 percent of tour buses are inspected this set dangerous buses are falling through the cracks in their cause of preventable tragedies on city streets 20 people were injured in a tour bus crashed and said union square that is what the so-called ghost bus which means it was not properly registered
5:08 am
or inspected and mass saturday and into your man was killed and a tour bus accident in san francisco. >>darya: bicyclist have to keep making four stops when it comes to a stop sign there ed lee be told an ordinance that would allow a cyclist to roll through stop signs to the reduced to the board of supervisors in september of last week the board members approved the allow cyclical growth stock size as long as it was safe that argue that making four stops is creating traffic problems and the city some surprises oppose the measures to the board is that have the votes needed to override the veto do have to stop at stop sign. >>mark: a frightening day yesterday he was what the market's close the dow was down 500 points during trading the dollar down to levels for two years ago january 2014 the nasdaq dropping five points in
5:09 am
the s&p 500 dropping 22 we're counting down to the super bowl preparations and original are well underway because them along the whole week was a cold look at what prevents you can go to us if you're looking for ways to watch the super bowl you don't want to on the crowd was a the best time to get a good deal on the new big screen tv we're tracking a massive winter storm that is moving toward the east coast howe is one to impact your travel plans.
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hehey' 's miatur. weour 'em! weass 'em! we pk 'em!
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>>mark: tens of millions of americans and the east coast are bracing for a monster with the storm is expected to hit last 24 hours we've been following the storm from the breaking news desk. >>anny hong: this is a huge system heading communities from tennessee to washington d.c. area icy conditions caused about hundred and 60 accidents across virginia even president obama had to fight traffic after what the conditions grounded forecasters said the current freeze is nothing compared to the frigid blast and said that the mid-atlantic starting tomorrow blizzard conditions are expected to bring more than 2 ft. of snow to the washington dc metro area storms are also struggling to keep shelves stocked as people look on food before the storm hit major airlines already issuing travel waivers to customers the head of the storm if american airlines allowing people and chapter of
5:14 am
the airport between philadelphia and southern virginia the change flights without a penalty if you have to fly between today and some is to be eligible. >>anny hong: it is one to the historic stormless had to the weather center where we're tracking your travel forecast.
5:15 am
>>james: that is what that was identified at all the wicked sun and if you have to be traveling to they just know you're the driver of the intimate weather so far things are calm on the east coast a fund lends support yet with the storm not yet arrived in the sea is already 37 degrees until the judge will drop at storm arrived fast for
5:16 am
all the wit and a cocky concede the morning to meet tomorrow with a corn to the delight rain the area wide test is said to have your punch comes friday night and saturday temperatures on the one of the men were yesterday and spots a lot more fifties this morning 50 and hit 52 open 50 currently in san jose this afternoon might be a touch warm as well keep in mind
5:17 am
fighting for the entire day infected by rain the brief system for the morning hours a strong one for the night into saturday and fat that could fire of some thunderstorms across to some pretty intense rain at times across the bay area. >>robin winston: no major problems come from the east of the for connecting to the peninsula traffic continues to pick up for those of you are getting ready to leave it is not a bad drive the ball is a fine
5:18 am
leading up to the golden gate only 50 minutes from highway 37 over to the macdonald for those new heading out of the santa cruz mountain this morning we had monocrats no. 17 north of summit road blocking the right land is gone back at the limit if you leave now is the writer out of the santa cruz mountain into los gatos and connecting with a 80 into san jose the drive times of tremendous benefit not bad at all from the summit to a 88280 split in a case to take a train or 115 minutes late and some of the more this morning. >>darya: helpless on the way to people deal with the watercress is in flint michigan lawmakers there approved $28 million in emergency funding to build the chrysler but the mayor of flint said that is still not enough to cause about 1.5 of billion
5:19 am
dollars to fix the problem president obama is adjusting the city helped concern. >>mark: they're making sure the experience go beyond just the game just a few blocks away
5:20 am
yucatec of the nfl experience from moscow center that is where you can get the chance to the nfl break into the picture with the vince lombardi trophy
5:21 am
>>darya: of more than a quarter of americans are expected by a new tv sentences of bass ride has been in negotiation that last for months the taxi drivers are people who are out there now to people yester but there is a catch do have to go upstairs to your arrival levels
5:22 am
in each ride will have an additional $4 charge. >>darya: we will be right back.
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>>darya: showing of the temperature is right not a good neighborhood which are of the 40's and into 50 degrees for most spots along the bank was born to be a long dry right now i went to work. fish >>mark: they're trying to steal your will and a refund but there thing it can do to keep the money second you're picking attacked para which should have an irs compare tax id #for avoid people who based their feet on the percentage of your refund if you're prepared
5:26 am
to after receipt and then ask enough questions about deductions and credits it could be a warning sign the something is wrong he never signed a blank tax return major changes come to bar in the wake of the debt issued on a crowded bar trying with the transit agency is doing to keep unsafe.
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one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty.
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we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing)
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hist >>james: forced to ask what you need to know to get the kids to school and to two or
5:30 am
instantly chilled summer temperatures and low 50s are expected to draw professionally for five and clock our. >>robin winston: the study did and how right about now to san francisco is a good time to head over to 92 you can still take the san mateo bridge to get to san francisco for the peninsula.
5:31 am
>>mark: the search crews will back out looking for missing suffered in marin county where live near the search area this morning. >>will tran: the search will continue at about 25 minutes and not in fact cease and headlights and our direction they suspended the search along and o'clock last night it was to talk it out in water plus it was too dark for them to continue the search there was a stanford off rodeo beach they're almost there but then a wave comes along and pushes the back of a
5:32 am
bad spy was the pop had back-to- back could not see him so far we do not know his identity we don't know how long they will continue searching weather not they're calling this a rescue mission for a recovery we can take it will begin at 6:00 on the sun starts to come. >>darya: during the investigation the police said some of the cameras on the train they would not say how many trend car said actually.
5:33 am
>>darya: it might need approval by the board of the directors depending on the cost gonna j braun will lay on his next visit for the future of california. >>mark: feel the governor who addressed the state legislation at 10:00 this one in sacramento.
5:34 am
>>darya: it would add military- style semiautomatic weapons with detachable magazines
5:35 am
>>darya: the lawsuit filed by the parents of and did lopez can of the trial of the 13 year- old was shot and killed by sonoma county sheriff's deputy while he was carrying a toy gun the debt it thought it was a real ak-47 it happened back in 2010 the federal justice ruled yesterday the jury trial is set to start on april 11th.
5:36 am
>>mark: of where this minute on the the cut and ran out of the store. >>darya: you was dehydrated and malnourished when officers found them now is becoming of the marine mammal center in sausalito the seeress' no border
5:37 am
and is in a lot of trouble this morning why should bolster the border called the dangers landslide.
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t day eating d drking can ke y coate amel health. iteplenisheseak otswith natal cm to sengtn enamel fourimesetter. y coate amel health. coate enamelealth. >>robin winston: traffic heading to the peninsula so far the drive time is looking good 15 minutes from aiding the bay bridge the golden gate track the
5:40 am
driver turned to the east bay. >>mark: the photographer is new to the area here is all happen. >>james: hear you concede a storm setting its sights on the bay area will talk about on the rain will return coming up in just a minute. just a minute.
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>>darya: they picked the wrong amount to less was she fought off the crooks to try to steal her car with a kid inside and is on camera.
5:44 am
>>james: we have some serious looking ring set it is set to arrive late tonight today is fine if tonight is early and first half of fried we have the first impulse come from all the
5:45 am
usual spots will once again be in deep water the wind gusted up the amount our at times it will be particularly bad in and will be done with the wind is one to decline to bring in down trees we have the when combined with all the rain expect maybe power outages to be part of this impact of the storm system we have the coastal flood not only do we have large swell that accomplished and by the storm from we will also have king tides we're looking anywhere
5:46 am
from 24 into to the coast a lot of the hills on the peninsula down to the santa cruz mountain will have the north valley looking inward for 1 2 in. of the could be looking at three- quarters of an inch. >>james: it will be a pretty decent soap or when all said and done.
5:47 am
>>robin winston: a lot of slow traffic heading into san francisco the drive times increase in four west about 80 such the back of not only a stretch of the west brand and is growing at the foot of the may is it is right at the five it was the worst bomb in the connector come to the insurer freeway trip in this the clinton agenda from that point to the toad is getting better all the new eastern span 10 minutes from
5:48 am
the toll plaza on the richmond sat here is a look at the south lawn drive turn your pc is been a little thickly and hayward and try to 38 to the south of the 92 scud after that the trip to union city and fremont to milpitas sh >>mark: snowboard cause the allies after you went into closed off area he was
5:49 am
trespassing and have not of the public for five years and i could others did brisk >>darya: police got a call from a woman she said a stranger with in her backyard around 1030 monday night and on police got there they found quatorze holding of garden tool the axle to drop it with this and he charged at them to officers opened fire killing him and write down the shooting is under investigation as a. hist >>mark: there were able to get the same clear just before o'clock last night in this is the time to the group called
5:50 am
the train car terrell n. first plans. >>mark: at the growth concerns of the bronze doors could be a fire hazard the consumer product safety commission and best to get more than three dozen cases of for users to wear safety gear because false and a serious.
5:51 am
>>darya: the announcement is posted on the web site where the head coach said the smith has worked with the team on a part- time basis for seven years sh
5:52 am
>>: i'm not governed by the fear what of the people think i have conviction in terms of how things ' done the collaboration has to go on within the organization sh he was at work for just a lot two weeks after he was fired by the philadelphia eagles with one game still left in the season >>darya: we're looking their richmond 53 pleasanton 48 the more 47 down the road with city
5:53 am
50 right now in san jose and 50 also will be back in the few minutes with the full forecasted to you on the - 1 to stock after the break in my business i cbailing me out my i.all the time... i'm not the i.t. guy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. learn more at o wos: ihealace dieren w? wi hea unlike cams d ru that mask the pain, thmaca hasatend he ces th penrateeep to incree ciulatn an aclera heang. let'revi:
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e prf th it als youing, equals theacar
5:55 am
>>darya: and killed her father and three siblings in 2013 back in december she told wanted all she wanted for christmas was enough cards to fill her christmas card tree that was what to buy raw on facebook people from all of the world said karsten hershey have received more than 2 million pieces of mail a day and now the post office act to have to bring in volunteers to help sort through law sought there's so
5:56 am
many good people in the world she received cars from pretty big names including the first family one more dry day and we're getting ready for the storms were attracted to storms headed this way will have details on the timing coming up because we're getting ready for the rain of the east coast of britain for massive winter storm will have more on the big impact of possibly airline delays because of that mechanism fallen out oakland's police on the scene of the deadly crash a car split in half.
5:57 am
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great news for you... and your sweet tooth. to find free, local, in-person help, visit >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: breaking news we're following a deadly violent crash of oakland are split in half the accident happened on a limb and last night on my car and police of this hour still missing try to fit wrapped exactly what happened a total of just pulled
6:00 am
a few minutes ago. >>reporter: the crash happened at about 1130 last night is taken awhile to investigate because there's so many pieces of the car struck across macarthur boulevard to a lookism the video we have at the scene of an earlier when police got here this and they found one man dead and that was the driver of the vehicle a passenger maracas the walk away from the crash without any injuries his name was obliged math it and ought to go on camera but he says he was in a car much and when your friend jill brown lost control of the vehicle and was ejected from the car police said the victim was traveling at high rate of speed down the street before he passed tree. >>reporter: if you come back out to was live here along macarthur boulevard police are still investigating the cause of the cars they say that here at macarthur boulevard you conceive it will be close to the
6:01 am
clear the scene of the conservative this video along macarthur boulevard to find out what happened >>james: it will be cloudy at times right now but we will get some breaks as well to the to the bombing of to the mid '60s for #spots during warm san jose for instance 67 will command about 50 minutes will have the system turned with a cast for a
6:02 am
walk to our our howe is suspected the live right now we have a shot from the san francisco camera. >>james: it is dry run to the clear as well here is what you need to know to get out the door it o'clock when classes begin were still going to be on the chilly side almost close to midnight early tomorrow morning more on that come with a cast for
6:03 am
>>robin winston: the west 85 a connector backed up not through the maze the blackfoot and stop and go through the toll plaza of rock that ride on the bridge this backed up and pack behind the toll plaza the drive times increase involved a commitment for downtown oakland sits >>darya: they come face-to-face initial of the police commission meeting.
6:04 am
>>darya: among the thing the protesters are demanding the resignation of police chief great sir and turned the police commission on a to the shut down the meeting because they're the sort out the after a few officers spoke walk out of the meeting in unison
6:05 am
>>mark: sematech come to share deputies and cal fire respondent >>darya: they were swept out to sea on monday and bonny doon beach declined rocky area and then up there and the big wave not to over to the water the coast guard called the surge on tuesday of vigil was held at the
6:06 am
parking lot yes to save a loved one's plan to walk along the shore from the time to look the other students they're investigating the death of a bus crash and san jose drug and alcohol were not a factor in the crash investigators also talk to driver were admitted he was fatigued before the crash happened. >>: we air and then it's on some investigation anything related to the driver will be covered two women were killed and i cried the third suffered minor and major injuries.
6:07 am
>>mark: the bill has the bulk of more inspections found at the to recent crashes involving toward the san francisco created a bill that allows the city to conduct is on inspection right now on about 30 percent of tour buses are inspected dangers buses are full of the cracks and of preventable tragedies on city
6:08 am
streets it was back in november and 24 injured in the tour bus crash in union square the tour bus will so-called ghost bus which means it was not properly registered for an expected last saturday into your man was killed in a tour bus accident in san francisco. >>mark: the measure was introduced to the board of supervisors and september and last week were members approve the it would allow cyclist the road to stop signs as long as it was safe some supplies to did oppose the measure
6:09 am
>>mark: he will lay out his vision for the state in the annual state address that was addressed to state legislators in sacramento he spent most of the last year focusing on efforts and climate changes he's been criticized for not being engaged enough governor brown is also promoting and the structure projects given my eyes on wall street it wild day yesterday and
6:10 am
stocks have been the worst part of the year in history taking a look at the numbers yesterday and will have like the rally and would from over 500 down to 249. rep levels we haven't seen since january 2014 and is losing five points in the recipe 500 down to 1859.
6:11 am
>>darya: still ahead of one car company is making a big promise find out the company that said they will have death proved cars
6:12 am
6:13 am
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your first step is to call pg&e. together, we're building a better california. >>mark: expected to have less to play four hours were following the latest in the breaking news desk >>anny hong: major airlines already issuing travel wherever
6:15 am
to customers ahead of the storm and delta is waving interchange fee to travelers flying in 19 airports in boston and washington d.c. this weekend in a slab with the conditions are possible for the area starting letter on friday amid atlanta getting the biggest of the question is this is the energy that is making its way toward the east coast. >>james: nicosia slow watches and warnings the biggest concern is right there in b.c. would have the will to storm watch and a blizzard watch in effect right now also down and the carolina
6:16 am
sit down in charlotte that in the anywhere from 10 to 4 in. of ice if you're traveling today and is going to be called b.c. 37 degrees when you're flying in or to the east coast find over often stormy weather in the central part of the country. >>james: there is a system we will be watching issue not arrive until late tonight looking at conditions will will increasingly get more and more unstable as a hint the overnight hours until friday morning.
6:17 am
>>james: the winner will be one of the big things temperatures rarely looking a wide strip of the forced to low 50s we should warn them up into the mid '60s
6:18 am
>>robin winston: and rebel berkeley already slowed stretching into richmond the drive times still less than 25 minutes 17 minutes from hercules
6:19 am
to the oakland a's 580 west of dublin to cash about a very quiet >>mark: he says it will cause a
6:20 am
1.5 billion to fix the problem is all started in 2014 with a temper this was the city's water source for like your arm to the flint river to save money experts from the water was highly corrosive and full of lead another person will call by pretending to be the police with the caller id to support a claim when you're picking at tax
6:21 am
prepare make sure that have to prepare tax id #of what people who base their feet on a percentage of your refund know if you're preparing does not act for receipt and then not asking enough questions about deductions and credits could be a warning sign that something is wrong. >>mark: by the year 2020 no one will ever be killed a series ended at one of the new cars suvs
6:22 am
>>darya: we do think it will be
6:23 am
the most of the event over a million people flowing through if you're looking at all this is more of an inconvenience market calendars from jane work 35 to the game market street is corn to be transformed into super bowl city.
6:24 am
>>mark: this is a good time to buy one we're starting to see a lot of the bills on big screen tvs
6:25 am
>>mark: where allied rebel beach in will have the bay, a live report for us if you're noticing the change in a body of income been indicated that you're sick or. have a certain or -->>mark: 60 have a certain disease we will be right back.
6:26 am
>>mark: a baby seal recovering after it was found in the
6:27 am
bushes of the a good business park to receive the call before 6:00 yesterday morning that mr. croft interstate 80 in the east and pay rent and police did not believe it was a seal pup because of so far when from the bank he was dehydrated and malnourished. >>darya: this sale on average people smell worse when they're sick during the study they from a certain diseases also have distinctive smells the most common disease betray my smile is diabetes people with
6:28 am
diabetes smell like rotten apples people with yellow fever smell like a butcher shop people with this the for some and was tested the six mile there's more information on our web site about this we have the storm
6:29 am
pattern headed this way to round weather will talk about that coming up.
6:30 am
>>mark: it was down over five much of points and closed down 250 we're headed from the correction to a bear market will be watching it boasted a quiet
6:31 am
start to this after we have eye on the weather and the next on the does have the discipline. >>james: a two. sister in the first live later on tonight a little on the cool side we have a lot of for 40 to low 50s and that was still be the case for the endicott our winner getting
6:32 am
the kids out the door off to school for lunch and should be fine will have some bridge and the clouds and sunshine a warming of to perfect isn't the point at three in the afternoon will max out in the mid to upper 60s which we will feel great. >>james: will break down the timing and the impact and about 15 minutes. >>robin winston: a lot of progress and a lot of traffic for those of you have to the san mateo bridge is past now that only are attracted so traffic on the bridge connecting from the nimitz 80 south and is packed into 38 to the west about 92 connector in a slow the host of a mile stretch of the break even out 101 connecting it to san mateo this is normal the driver turned just under 20 minutes that is your average to get from
6:33 am
80 to 101 conduct a quick check of the commit to the east bay hitting high with four come out of bread would oakley antioch is slow and pockets right now. >>robin winston: 16 the offering of two to for this but no major problems heading west but the drive times to to to the minister of antioch to concord. >>darya: on to the breaking news the we're following the dead the accident oakland a car split in half at the bottom of the last lap on macarthur boulevard. >>reporter: just a few minutes to open to reopen the southbound lanes of macarthur boulevard they're also planning to open the northbound lane just a few minutes and have an abiding love
6:34 am
unless like it to the 20 while because it was a few of the city blocks to a prison in the car when amended the driver of that vehicle for passage of a reckless to walk away from the crash without any injuries to his name was in guys and he did not want to own, but he says he was in the car befriend the 21 year-old lost control of the vehicle and was ejected from the car the victim was traveling at high rate of speed down the street before he hit a tree in his car kept rolling ball park along the right--way. >>reporter: they still don't know why this happened them look less abandons the deal from businesses along macarthur boulevard to figure out what caused the crash. >>darya: when you look at did you say it didn't hit another car but where's the tree is sitting there destroyed or is
6:35 am
the rest? >>reporter: it started down macarthur boulevard toward mabel animal and was actually coming down for high street we hadn't been able to go on the block just did because they just took down the crime scene tape. >>mark: the search crews will be back out this morning looking for missing a surfer and marin county. >>will tran: it is still a little bit dark the total continue searching and a doctorate to 45 minutes to suspend the search offer rodale beach and 8:00 last night the new information bird of the past 10 minutes.
6:36 am
>>will tran: will try to get a live interview at the very least and the authority is aware that not is the recovery mission or a rescue mission
6:37 am
>>: the public heard be is a combination of the quake and the real working cameron's they're very upset about did we feel we need to move forward with it
6:38 am
getting in the camel's putting them on the train in getting rid of the decoy altogether and the public was very clear that they were upset to hear their decoyed been used they're not fooling said most important thing is that the writers full set at the bay area fell safe the planned to equip all the train cars with cameras might need approval from the board and a low-cost fund stolen from a visit east that all the store. >>mark: bird like this keep happening you ever heard of coke parties ids' their real will to see how cuddling is helping people with the communication skills across the country and even here in the bay area.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>>robin winston: if you have to drive to sentences of this month live look at the traffic approach best in 20 minutes for
6:42 am
the total trip from the maze to downtown san francisco, will check the san mateo bridge the golden gate and drive time for the east bank and the south they commit. >>mark: and attempted carjacking caught on camera to men spread across the gas station she had reason to fight back she was a mother there was a person and a
6:43 am
getaway car all three suspects will arrested and booked into jail the post bond the judges ordered all three to stay away from the to men attracted carjack. >>james: still ahead who have some wild weather headed this way will talk about when the rain will stop falling, and fortune of forecast.
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>mark: a car little the rapid have here an oakland.
6:46 am
>>james: and then we would rather come through like a said two waves to my into early tomorrow morning storm we have for and into saturday that looks
6:47 am
to be much more impressive rain is going to be the heaviest for an end to saturday we can expect to see in the spots that last the last time expect to see more flooding like that again this time around minimum still suffer from the effects of from their border on the inside that come down and take the power lies pg&e could be on alert with the storm system. >>james: it will contribute to the erosion you could see what impact on the peninsula coastline will watch carefully as well, temperatures of the
6:48 am
forced to low 50s right now we do expect it to warm to mid-60s with places like san jose getting up to 67.
6:49 am
>>robin winston: this morning include 92 here on the san mateo bridge is act exactly the east of 880 hey what san leandro and is one to be slow from the 880 connect all the way across even connected with 101 hitting into one of san mattel the connection the major problems and is less than 25 minutes for the tall trip from hayward to san mattel that is considered a the drive times without any major trouble spot the volume is packing them from the left-hand side of the screen that southbound traffic heading into san francisco getting thick and novato into san rafael that is normal when you make up to the golden gate it will be a good ride of rollins to 20 minutes
6:50 am
from the bottom of san francisco to in the commute the north bed this 580 west of live look from the richmond san rafael bridge. >>robin winston: to the opening days not battle one of the slow response the nimitz freeway in the south bomb commute is out of jams the central hayward union city a total of 35 minutes to get from to 38 to 237. >>darya: after he went into
6:51 am
closed off. investigators said the border post of bills online showing the incident the resort city was trespassing and an arab head of the to the public for five years and that by doing so to put others at risk. >>mark: * identify for men who clear out and buy from display at the apple store in the storm bridge mall last week it was called a security camera you can see the man in the store last the the loss of 745 their crystal balls in the merchandise and then the signal was given.
6:52 am
6:53 am
>>mark: it was supposedly seven months ended and that the did not say why there reposed on whether the leaks to come star on for him before has will see you as filled with more than a hundred $60 million at the box office will be right back on the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>>mark: it is up 33 and just
6:57 am
down 11 sitting at his 10,000 and we haven't been absent chain where of 2014. >>darya: people gather once a month to attend these call part nurses say that coddling releases toxic car and and filled hormone that's made in the brain the also say it reduces blood pressure and stress coming up to get ready
6:58 am
for a way to commit we're tracking the next round of rain headed to the bay area tense moments of san francisco police officer disagree with protesters at a meeting last night.
6:59 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: a deadly crash happen on macarthur boulevard >>reporter: the car and up the fund have ended up rolling dow


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